Obatan Science’s mission is to provide flexible and superior services to our business partners every day. A satisfied customer is our primary goal in all distribution-related activities. Quality of delivered products and services is our crucial target.


Obatan Science is focused on delivering high-quality and affordable range of pharmaceutical products to meet …

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Pharmaceutical Marketing Solutions

Each product, wheter Rx or OTC, has a different path to purchase for buyers – we personalise strategies arround each …

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IT Services for Pharma and Healthcare

IT solutions are an indispensable foundation of efficient working in the Pharma and Health sector. Without the use of IT …

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Warehouse and Logistics

In our most-modern premises we are providing temperature-controlled storage, distribution and logistics of pharmaceuticals …

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We apply extra controlling that go beyond minimum legal requirements in order to safeguard the quality of pharmaceuticals we distribute.

Top quality

We supply top quality pharmaceuticals to our customers.

Extra controlling

We apply extra controlling that go beyond minimum legal requirements.

European Falsified Medicines Directive

Each prescription-based medicine delivered by Obatan Science is equipped by a 2D code.

Opportunity to visit our warehouse

Customers have the opportunity to visit our warehouse facilities to see for themselves the precise standards.

One step to get started cooperation

We seek business partners with wide range of top quality products and market knowledge.
In return we provide our customers with expertise in local markets which we operate on.


Třtinová 260/1 Čakovice
196 00 Praha 9


+420 607 632 163
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ID: 044 72 161
VAT ID: CZ04472161